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Why Us?

Proactive, Innovative and personalized solution tailored to your circumstances:

Choosing the right pathway to an Australian visa can be a challenge. Familiarize yourself with the various visas, know your options and when you’re ready we have the expertise to seamlessly guide you through the process.

‘Oracle Immigration Consultants’ (OIC) specializes in ‘Australian Immigration and Education Services’. With our ‘Registered Migration Agents’, ‘Education Consultants’ and ‘Business Consultants’ who possess experience in Australian Immigration Law, Education, Recruitment, Property, Business and investment we have been offering and continue to offer high quality services from the preliminary assessment stage right through to the final happy settlement.

OIC has offices in Melbourne and Geelong and continue to expand to establish representation in other Australian states and more countries soon. Such facilities enable prompt and efficient services through our Australian and overseas offices / representatives.

Australian immigration can be complex, stressful, expensive and time-consuming endeavor. At OIC we aim to make the immigration process as positive an experience as possible for all of our clients. This involves exploring various options available to the client’s as well as ongoing, proactive and responsive support throughout the entire process.

You will receive an Immigration Solution with alternate options at the very beginning of the process. This details your best visa option as well as highlighting potential issues with your case. The alternate pathways ensure that should the regulations or your situation change, you have a number of alternate options.

OIC operates on a fixed-price basis – from the very beginning you know exactly how much your costs are going to be, and you won’t receive any nasty surprises later on. You will also receive a reliable and realistic timeline for lodgement and processing up front.

OIC has an excellent track record of lodging and obtaining visa outcomes for our clients within a very tight timeframe. Your case is handled by a dedicated case manager who is fully on top of your individual situation. Your case is researched and designed by our Immigration expert/s and then case manager guides you through the application process from beginning to end so you’ll never feel anxious about where you are in the process while you are kept abreast about the progress of your case by your case manager.

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