Apart from a rise in tourism, the last decade has witnessed a significant surge in international students heading to Australia to pursue higher studies with a lot of gravitation towards engineering.

Be it any field of engineering; civil, mechanical, telecommunications, computer, agriculture, industrial, petroleum, biomedical, electrical, Australia offers a variety of engineering courses to help students gain expertise in this field.

A career in Engineering from Australian universities has a lot to offer and our dedicated team at Oracle will guide you as per your degree and interest. From the highest entry-level salaries to opportunities allowing you to be part of a renowned group of professionals and a variety of other exciting areas to work in, the list is endless. The students can also go for a post-graduate program that can take the students one step ahead towards a promising career.
It is an ideal field for those who are curious to know how things are created and work since it includes designing, evaluating, developing, testing, modifying, installing, and maintaining a large stream of products and systems. Acquiring a degree and amassing invaluable exposure and experience is the best way to join the workforce in the highly competitive Australian market.

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