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Approximately, Australian companies receive 33 resumes for 1 graduate vacancy that gets advertised. International researches also confirm that employers look for more than just a qualification. With such an influx of applications, how can yours stand outamong the rest?

Well, that’s where a Professional Year Program can come to your rescue. A professional year program is a structured career developed designed to accentuate an international student’s career prospects by combing a formal learning and workplace experience. The course takes the student beyond a degree or theory and equips them with technical skills and knowledge in their chosen discipline in the Australian workforce and culture to ensure that the graduates are job-ready.

The programs run for 12 months and are available in Australian industries like accounting, computer science, and engineering, where demand for skilled graduates is high. It is primarily designed for students interested in applying for permanent residency in Australia.

Why should you go for Professional Year Program?

Acing that interview or landing on your first job after graduation can be a challenge. In an extremely competitive Australian job market, the Professional Year Program helps your stand out by:

  • By helping you develop effective communication skills, proving in-depth practical exposure, and enhancing your knowledge of the Australian workforce and culture.
  • Helps you gain practical skills through an industry-relevant internship placement.
  • Upon successful completion, participants might be awarded 5 migration points towards an international student’s PR application.
  • Acquiring a Professional Year certificate adds value to your resume. It also widens your network through close interaction with peers and other industry professionals.

Leading Professional Year Program Providers

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