What is an Aged Parent Subclass 804 Visa?

An Aged Parent of a settled Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen allows older parents to move to Australia on a permanent visa which is known as the Aged Parent Australia Visa. While applying for the aged parent visa subclass 804, the applicant must not already be in possession of or have filed for a subclass 870 visa. Additionally, if the applicant previously possessed such a visa, the applicant must not have left Australia following the expiration of that visa.

What are the requirements for the Aged Parent Visa- Subclass 804?

  • The child of an applicant of a subclass 804 visa should be a settled Australian citizen, an Australian Permanent Citizen, or an eligible New Zealand Citizen. In most cases the sponsor must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A person who is a holder of an 870 visa must wait for the 870 Visa to expire before they can apply for an 804 visa.
  • An applicant for an 804 visa must pass the Balance of family test.
  • An applicant for an 804 visa must be of pension as per Australian government requirements.
  • An applicant for an 804 visa must not have an Australia visa refused or cancelled previously.
  • Visa 804 applicant needs to satisfy the Australian government that they are of good character.
  • A person who has applied for an 870 visa cannot apply for an 804 visa while the 870 visa is being processed by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.
  • An eligible sponsor for 804 aged parent Visa must provide the aged parent with an Assurance of Support.
  • Before the applicant of the 804 Visa is granted a visa, they must pass the health criteria and medical examination set up by the Australian government.

What is the process for 804 Visa?

Aged Parent Visa subclass 804 is a two-stage application process.

In the first stage, the Australian government assesses the application for Subclass 804 Aged Parent Visa. At this stage, the eligible applicants of 804 visas are put in a queue while the applicants who are found ineligible are refused.

In the second stage, the Australian government picks up the 804 visa application when the application becomes eligible in the queue which can be many years after the application for the 804 visa is first lodged. 

In the second stage of the 804 Visa application process, once the application progresses in the queue, a health examination is done to see if the 804 visa applicant passes the health test. Once the 804 visa applicant clears the health test, they are then required to pay the second instalment of visa fees and an assurance of support needs to be provided by the child sponsor of the aged parent before the visa can be granted.

What is the cost of 804 Visa?

The 804 Visa fee is paid in 2 stages.

The cost of 804 Visa in the first stage is as follows:

Base Application Charge for 804 Visa: AUD$4560

Additional Applicant Charge for an 804 Visa applicant who is at least 18: AUD$2280.

Additional Applicant Charge for an applicant who is less than 18 years of age: AUD$1145.

The cost of second stage of 804 Visa is as follows:

Second Instalment for 804 Visa to be paid before the grant of subclass 804 Visa: AUD$2065.

Frequently Asked Questions on Aged Parent Visa 804

Who is an eligible New Zealand Citizen?

An eligible New Zealand citizen is a protected SCV holder within the meaning of Section 7 of the Social Security Act 1991.

An eligible New Zealand Citizen is a person who was in Australia and was a special category visa holder on 26th February 2001; or

The person had been in Australia for a total period of 12 months during the period of 2 years immediately before 26th February 2001 and returned to Australia after 26th February 2001. In this category, there is no requirement for the person to have held a Special Category Visa.

Visas on which the Balance of the family test is applied?

The Balance of the family test is applied to all onshore and offshore parent visas.

Which parent visas are required to pass the balance of family test?

All onshore and offshore parent visas are required to pass the balance of family test.

The following subclasses need to satisfy the Balance of the family test:

Subclass 103 – Parent Visa

Subclass 143 – Contributory parent Visa

Subclass 173 – Contributory Parent (Temporary) Visa

Subclass 804 – Aged Parent Visa

Subclass 864 – Contributory Aged Parent Visa

Subclass 884 – Contributory Aged parent (Temporary) Visa