Description of Civil Engineering technician?

Civil engineering technicians are professionals who work alongside civil engineers to assist in the planning, designing, and constructing of various infrastructure projects. They use their technical skills and knowledge to help with site surveying, drafting plans and blueprints, conducting tests and inspections, and monitoring project progress. Transportation engineering technicians can work in various settings, including government agencies, construction companies, and engineering firms. They are critical to ensuring that projects are completed safely and efficiently. Conducted tests of construction materials, prepared sketches and tabulations, and assisted in estimating costs in support of civil engineering professionals and engineering technologists.

Which skill assessment body assesses the occupation of a Civil engineering technician?


What is the ANZSCO Code of Civil Engineering Technician?

The ANZSCO Code of Civil Engineering Technician is 312212.

What occupations fall under Civil Engineering Technician?

The following titles may know a civil engineering technician:

Civil Engineering Assistant

Civil Laboratory Technician

Geotechnical Laboratory Technician

Transportation Engineering Technician

What is the level of civil engineering technician occupation as per Vetassess?

The occupation of civil engineering technician is a Group C occupation.

What are the criteria for a Civil Engineering Technician skill assessment per Vetassess?

The following table explains the criterion needed for a positive skill assessment as a civil engineering technician from Vetassess.

Civil Engineering TechnicianMinimum Diploma or AQF higherWith a Highly relevant major field of studyAdditional highly relevant qualifications AQF LEVELHighly Relevant employment duration
First PathwayMinimum DiplomaYESN/A1 YEAR MINIMUM
Second PathwayMinimum DiplomaNOMinimum Certificate IV with highly relevant major1 YEAR MINIMUM
Third PathwayMinimum DiplomaNONo additional highly relevant qualifications2 YEARS MINIMUM

The pre-qualification methodology can apply to Group C Vetassess occupations.

Civil Engineering TechnicianHighly relevant employment durationWith or without a highly relevant major field of studyAdditional Highly relevant qualificationsMinimum comparable Diploma AQF Level
Fourth Pathway3 Years Minimum plus 1-year minimum within the last 5 years.N/AN/AYES

Highly relevant Tasks and duties of a Civil Engineering Technician

  • A geotechnical Laboratory technician collects and analyses data and carries out computations.
  • These transportation engineering technician professionals estimate material costs and make sure that the work completed adheres to regulations, contracts, and specifications.
  • Other tasks of civil laboratory technicians include inspecting, organizing, and supervising civil engineering work, repairs, and maintenance.
  • Other duties associated with a civil engineering assistant include taking measurements, making calculations, writing notes, reviewing aerial photographs, and setting up instruments to collect data.
  • Geotechnical Laboratory Technicians also conduct field and laboratory tests of construction materials and soil and collect traffic survey data.
  • Civil Laboratory technicians also test and evaluate construction materials, outline work programs, and review these for accuracy, adequacy, and feasibility.

Where do Civil Engineering Technicians typically work?

  • Civil Laboratory technicians may work at an engineering consultancy firm.
  • A transportation engineering technician may be working at a construction company.
  • A Geotechnical Laboratory Technician may work at a Geotechnical engineering firm or laboratory.
  • They may be working in a setting of a government authority or utility authority within a relevant department.
  • These technicians may work for a building and construction materials manufacturer.

What is the most relevant study for civil engineering technicians?

AQF Diploma in Civil Engineering and Engineering Drafting- Civil Design.

What course should I study in Australia to become a Civil engineering technician?

The following courses may be suitable:

Diploma of Civil Construction Design

Which list is Civil Engineering Technician in for Australian PR?


What is the PR pathway for a Civil Engineering Technician?

Civil Engineering Technicians are eligible for the following visas:

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