Known as The Institution of Engineers Australia (IEAust) are a professional body and not-for-profit organization that has grown to become a reliable voice for the engineers’ profession. The organization works with a sheer dedication as a national forum for the upliftment of the field of engineering within Australia and also operates as a member of the Washington Accord.

Till 2017, it had approximately 10,000 members in nine Geographic divisions and five international chapters from every discipline of engineering. That includes 41,000 students, 4,400 Engineering Technologists, Engineering Associates, 55,600 Professional Engineers. All the members here are associated with one or more of nine colleges that cover distinct fields of engineering practice. It has 20,000 of its members as Chartered Engineers.

Engineers Australia works as a global home for professionals in engineering that are known as leaders in creating a growing place for such professionals. The community exists to uplift the science and practices in engineering for the betterment of the community.

How can you join Engineers Australia?

EA can be joined in a few simple steps as follows:

1. Curate an EA ID

The first step is to create an EA ID if you don’t have any. For this, you will have to create your account and fill in a password to proceed further.

2. Verify the type of your membership

For this step, you will have to pick out your occupational category and choose your membership grade.

In case you’re not sure of the accreditation of your engineering qualification, you can browse the list of courses.

3. Complete your application submission

All you need is a photo ID and proof of appropriate engineering qualification to complete the submission.

4. Clear your membership fee

The fees for this membership are calculated on a pro-rata basis.

5. Confirmation of membership

Your membership will be confirmed, and you will be welcomed EA Engineers Community.

Benefits of this membership

The membership of Engineers Australia goes beyond just being a mere membership. The engineers have the acumen to change things, build a sustainable future, and solve complex problems to create a better world. When people work as a team, it’s always seamless to change things.

EA is a reliable voice of the engineering profession that delivers training, support, accreditation, and portrayal to engineers globally.

The EA membership is acknowledged all across the world and opens pathways for engineers by allowing them to make changes as they go along their careers. Irrespective of your position in your career, you can always find something valuable in your EA membership.

By joining the EA team, you can gain access to:

  • Guidance and support along with professional standards to upscale your career in engineering.
  • Advocacy gives way to the formation of the next generation of engineers.
  • Opportunities to develop yourself professionally that go far and beyond your technical knowledge.
  • Become a part of various events and forums where you can gain insights from the best.
  • Be a part of award programs that place focus on your accomplishments.
  • Get access to exclusive rewards, savings, and discounts through the partners.

Grades of Membership

Student- FREE

  • Get to know about job pathways
  • Hone your employability skills
  • Get exclusive invitations to events
  • Shine out in the job market
  • Discounts and rewards

Graduates- FREE- $574 each year

  • Get in touch with employers
  • Hone your employability skills
  • Get exclusive invitations to events
  • Become a part of professional communities
  • Shine out in the job market
  • Discounts and rewards