A course or degree in early childhood education & care can be your pathway to the most rewarding career as an Early Childhood Educator. Early childhood is that period when the child is in the juvenile stages of development from birth to the age of eight years. This stage is very crucial, as children learn and develop skills and behaviour in ways that tend to have long-lasting effects on how children mature and enter their adolescence and adulthood. 

Many nations across the globe are stressing on higher-level standards of quality ECE for which they are making efforts Usually a child under three years of age is enrolled in ECE  but the trend of four-year-olds attending some sort of care is also seen growing in the current times. 

Throughout the course, you’ll be taught to develop skills in play pedagogy, safety, health and overall well-being, documentation, planning, sustainability education, understanding a child’s behaviour, diversity and inclusion, and teaching strategies. 

A part of your training will also include interacting with babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in a myriad of early childhood education settings. The course will prepare you to become a competitive, skilled, and transformative early childhood educator. You’ll also learn the importance of play-based learning, where children engage in activities that facilitate learning and development while encompassing elements of play.

Need for Early Childhood Educators:

The formative years in the life of a child are very crucial, Australian education system has realized this and are focussing on it. International Students easily fit into this role as they bring with them their own diverse background and culture which in turn increases the exposure to children. While working during ECE on student visa, 40 hours is what you are allowed to and more so during the term breaks – now this enables you hands on experience in the sector while studying. And by the time your course completes, you already have hands on training in the market which increases your chances of permanent job in the sector. 

Courses in Early Childhood Education:

    • Diploma in Early Childhood Education (1.5 years)
    • Bachelors in Education in Early Childhood (3-4 years)
    • Masters of Teaching in Early Childhood (2 years full time)

Job Opportunities: 

Graduates of Early Childhood Care can easily find employability in multiple ways which include:

  • Early Childhood Educator
  • Childcare worker
  • Carer outside school hours
  • Kindergarten Teacher
  • Special Needs worker

Pathway to Australia:

Early Childhood Teaching along with Secondary school teaching falls under the Immigration Border Protection Medium to Long Term Strategic Skills Lists (MLTSSL). Now, this would mean if you are qualified as an Early Childhood Teacher you qualify to apply under independent general skilled migration which translates to Permanent Work Visas. 

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