If you choose an occupation listed on Australia’s Skilled Occupations List, then you may become eligible to apply for Subclass 189 visa. With this visa, you can live and work anywhere in Australia.

Sub-class189 Visa: In Depth

Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189) is for invited skilled workers who have chosen occupation on “Medium and Long-Term Strategic List”. If they chose a skill that is in-demand in Australia, then they can live and work in Australia indefinitely. Alongside, New Zealand citizens who have shown duty and contributed to Australia can apply for this visa.

Points-tested permanent visa

Subclass 189 is a point-based permanent visa. Due to that, the applicants are selected by evaluating the skilled migrant’s age, experience, and profile score. Upon getting the visa, the skilled migrant gets permanent residency in Australia along with the family members of the applicant.

Subsequent Entrant on Skilled Independent visa

If the applicant has a partner/spouse or kids, then they can also be mentioned in the application before the declaration of a decision. After the grant of the visa, the partner or spouse will need to submit either “Partner Subclass 309 Visa” or “Partner Subclass 820 Visa”, depending on the location of the applicant, inside or outside Australia. If there are kids, then they need to submit either “Child Subclass 101 Visa” or “Child Subclass 802 Visa”, again depending on the location of the applicant.

Fees for Subclass 189

Minimum application charge- AUD 4,115
Additional charge for an applicant above 18 years of age- AUD 2,055
Additional charge for an applicant below 18 years of age- AUD 1,030

Processing time for Subclass 189

Processing time for points test stream
75% applications- 18 months
90% applications- 29 months

Processing time for New Zealand Citizen stream
75% applications- 15 months
90% applications- 16 months

Advantages of Skilled Independent Subclass 189 Visa

Some of the benefits this visa allows to the visa holder and his family are:

  • Reside and work in Australia permanently.
  • Pursue full-time education in Australia at any grade of learning, school, graduate, post-graduate, or vocational education at domestic scholar rates.
  • Grants access to health care facilities.
  • Get granted social security payments/ benefits.
  • Become eligible to apply for Australian permanent citizen after residing in Australia for a specific time.
  • Get the ability to provide sponsorship to a family member for Australian permanent or temporary residency.

Requirements of Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189

International individuals who get an invite from the concerned organization can appeal for this visa. The candidate must fulfill the below requirements:

  • Meet the points needed for subclass 189

Since this is a points-tested visa, the applicant must bag a minimum of 65 points based on his/her profile. The deciding factors for determining the points are age, qualification, experience, English proficiency etc.

  • Age requirements for subclass 189

The applicant must be below the age of 45 years when he/she is given the invitation to apply for the visa. You’re still applicable to apply if you turn 45 after receiving an invitation to apply. However, if you attain the age of 45 after the submission of your EOI, then you will not receive an invitation to apply.

  • Skilled Occupation List

Your chosen occupation must be on the “Medium and Long Term Shortage Skills List”. There are 212 distinct occupations to choose from on the 189 visa occupation list, which makes it a lot of options to select from.
Oracle Tip: It is always wise to choose from the occupations which have been in high demand in the past five years and our team will help you make the right decision.

  • Skills assessment for 189 Visa

For a valid application, you need to state about possessing an appropriate skills assessment at the time of invitation. You will have to attach its copy along with your application, provided that it has been acquired within 3 years before your invitation.

  • Invitation to apply

After you submit an EOI for this visa, you’ll be positioned in comparison to other intending applicants. If you qualify, you’ll receive an invitation to apply.

  • English language requirements

You must provide evidence of your English Language proficiency by obtaining an appropriate IELTS score (a minimum of 6 in each of the 4 sections).