What is State Nomination?

Through state nomination, the state governments can nominate highly skilled migrants to fulfil the skill needs of the South Australia region. The process of state nominate enables the skilled migrants to become eligible for a skilled migrant visa by providing additional points for the Subclass 190 or Subclass 491 application.

It is mandatory to meet the visa requirements given by the Department of Home Affairs to apply for state nomination of South Australia. Alongside, you must meet South Australia’s state nomination requirements and your chosen occupation must be listed in South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List.

It is also important to note that applying for state nomination does not automatically end up in the grant of a visa. The Department of Home Affairs thoroughly evaluates your application in context with the visa-specific requirements. The visa is only granted in case all the conditions are met from your end.

Benefits of State Nomination

Some of the advantages of state nomination are:

  • Gain access to a comprehensive list of occupations.
  • Gain additional points to qualify and pass the Federal points test for subclass 190 and 491 visas.
  • Get your subclass 491 Skilled Work Regional Visa on a priority basis.

Process briefing for State Nomination

The process of state nomination for skilled and business migration is as follows:

Step 1- Preparation

The applicant needs to compile all the information and documentation needed for your state nomination application.

Step 2- Submit

Your application needs to be submitted online through the Skilled & Migration portal.

Step 3- Evaluation and result

Your application will then be assessed by the skilled & business migration and will further counsel you after the grant of nomination.

Step 4- Apply for Visa

In the final step, you can apply for your visa with the Department of Home & Affairs.

Processing times for State Nomination

The processing time varies according to visa types and application requirements.

  • Skilled migration

Critical Sector occupations- 2-6 weeks
Remaining applications- 8-10 weeks

  • Business Innovation & Investment Program

State nomination assessments for subclass 188 are being managed on a four quarterly basis.

Business Innovation Stream- 4-12 weeks
Investor stream- 1-3 weeks
Significant Investor stream- 1-3 weeks
Entrepreneur stream- 4-12 weeks

  • Employer-Sponsored & DAMA:

2-4 weeks

Requirements for State Nomination

1. Residence Conditions

State nomination is granted on the skill needs of a state and your intention of further settlement in South Australia. In your application, you must express your intention of working and living for the long term in Australia.
If you’re residing in Australia but not living in South Australia, you can apply to the Talent & Innovators Employment Stream.

If you are not onshore, you can pursue South Australia’s Skilled Occupation list to check if your chosen occupation is applicable for offshore applicants.

2. Age

The applicant must be below 45 years of age at the time of nomination.

3. Chosen Occupation

Your selected occupation must feature on South Australia’s Skilled Occupation List, and you should be eligible for that occupation.

4. Skills Assessment

You must pass the General Skilled Migration skills assessment from the appropriate state authority. Also, that assessment must be for your nominated occupation.

5. Work experience

Your work experience should match the requirements listed for your occupation.

Your skilled work experience should be taken after the course completion and is valid if it has a minimum of 20 hours per week or 40 hours every fortnight of paid employment in your nominated or occupation which is of similar nature.

6. English Requirements

You must qualify the given English Language requirement provided for your chosen occupation, for which you must refer to the Department of Home Affairs.