Apart from a rise in tourism, the last decade has witnessed a significant surge in international students heading to Australia to pursue higher studies with a lot of gravitation towards engineering. Be it any field of engineering; civil, mechanical, telecommunications, computer, agriculture, industrial, petroleum, biomedical, electrical, Australia offers a variety of engineering courses to help students gain expertise in this field. 

A career in Engineering from Australian universities has a lot to offer. From the highest entry-level salaries to opportunities allowing you to be part of a renowned group of professionals and a variety of other exciting areas to work in, the list is endless. The students can also go for a post-graduate program that can take the students one step ahead towards a promising career. 

It is an ideal field for those who are curious to know how things are created and work since it includes designing, evaluating, developing, testing, modifying, installing, and maintaining a large stream of products and systems. Acquiring a degree and amassing invaluable exposure and experience is the best way to join the workforce in the highly competitive Australian market. 

Why pursuing Engineering from Australia is a wise decision?

1. Unsurpassed education quality 

That goes without saying that universities based in Australia provide top-quality education and a variety of fields to choose from. Every course program comes along with ample opportunities with options to go ahead with internships and practical training. 

2. Globally recognized universities 

Statistics from the QS World University Rankings by Subject (Engineering and Technology) 2020 indicate that universities in Australia that offer engineering courses rank high, with 10 institutions making it to the top 150 engineering and technology institutions in the world. 

3. Preps you for a promising career

The Engineering universities in Australia offer education that offers equal parts of practical and theoretical knowledge. Alongside, a myriad of summer training programs are also offered to provide extensive exposure on their chosen field. With that, the students can widen their network in the Engineering world and acquire industry exposure. 

4. Hefty salary packages 

Through their training and practical exposure, the students are also given a choice to get to work with high-profile companies that offer appealing starting pay. Since Engineering in Australia is one of the demanding and high-paying jobs in the country, most students consider staying back to continue working here.

5. Immense exposure of industry

Australia boasts a study culture that is not limited to just theoretical knowledge but also offers an organized course structure, internships, experiential training, and personal growth. The students become more equipped to undertake challenges they might encounter. 

Eligibility Requirements:

Pursuing education in Australia always requires you to take up an English proficiency test like IELTS. Even in your IELTS, you must bag a minimum score of 6.5 bands with nothing less than 6 each in the four modules irrespective of your choice of pursuing a graduate or post-graduate degree.

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