Architect Skill Assessment ANZSCO 232111

Architect ANZSCO 232111

This article will give you a brief introduction about Architect Skill Assessment Australia (ANZSCO 232111).

An architect plans and designs buildings, provides concepts, plans, specifications, and detailed drawings, negotiates with builders, and advises the procurement of buildings.

To practice as an architect in Australia, you require a license.

Duties of Architect

  • Obtaining advice from clients and management to determine the type, style, and size of planned buildings and alterations to existing buildings.
  • Providing information regarding designs, materials, and estimated building times.
  • Preparing project documentation, including sketches and scale drawings, and integrating structural, mechanical, and aesthetic elements in final designs.
  • Writing specifications and contract documents for use by builders and calling tenders on behalf of clients.
  • Consulting with Professionals and clients about external area designs, costs, and construction.
  • Compiling and analyzing site and community data about geographical and ecological features, landforms, soils, vegetation, site hydrology, visual characteristics, and human-made structures, to formulate land use and development recommendations, and for preparing environmental impact statements.
  • Preparing reports, site plans, working drawings, specifications, and cost estimates for land development, showing the location and details of proposals, including ground modelling, structures, vegetation, and access.
  • Inspect construction work in progress to ensure compliance with plans, specifications, and quality standards.


Pathways of AACA skill assessment Architect 232111

Pathway 1: AACA Accredited Qualifications

An applicant who has completed an accredited architecture qualification can obtain a skill assessment letter through a simple verification process which is known as “Verification of Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification”.

Verification of Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification

AACA (Architects Accreditation Council of Australia) is an authorized body of the Australian government to complete skill assessments for the Skilled Migration program for the occupation of Architect ANZSCO 232111.

This process is for migration skill assessment for applicants with accredited architecture qualifications from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, or Singapore. Applicants who have completed qualifications that are not accredited need to choose the Pathway of Overseas Qualifications Assessment.

In Australia, only master’s degrees are AACA (Architects Accreditation Council of Australia) accredited. Bachelor’s degrees are not AACA (Architects Accreditation Council of Australia) accredited. The Architecture Program Accreditation Procedure in Australia and New Zealand sets out the peer review process through which all architecture programs in Australia are assessed against the accreditation standard over five years or ten-semester equivalence of learning cycle. This assessment is made by an independent Accreditation Review Panel, composed of practicing architects and academics, which then makes a recommendation on whether and for how long a program should be accredited.

AACA Accredited Qualifications

AACA Accredited Australian Qualifications

AACA Accredited International Qualifications

AACA Skill Assessment Eligibility

Applicants must have completed an AACA-accredited qualification in architecture.

AACA Skill Assessment Process

Step 1: Submission

Step 2: Receipt of Application

Step 3: Application Verification

Step 4: Outcome

AACA Skill Assessment Outcome

Applicants can use the AACA (Architects Accreditation Council of Australia) suitable letter as evidence of skill assessment as an Architect.

AACA Skill Assessment Fee

Verification of Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification Fee: AUD $380

A card transaction surcharge applies to all payments (1.49% for Australian cards and 2.9% for international cards).

AACA Skill Assessment Processing Time

Verification of Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification will be completed in 4 weeks. Most applicants will receive the outcome in 2 weeks.

AACA Skill Assessment Checklist

Verification of the Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification checklist is as follows:

  1. Original Copy of accredited Qualification certificate
  2. Original Copy of Academic Transcript.
  3. Three documents for identification
  4. Copy of the passport.
  5. Two documents out of the following. Birth Certificate, driver’s license, National ID Card, Social security card, student ID card, marriage certificate, official photo-bearing document, Access to the web portal of your English Language Test Results. You can also provide by email a Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) notification (only direct emails to via VEVO for visa holders can be accepted)
  6. Evidence of change of name (If applicable).

Notes: • All scans must be in pdf format in colour and at a resolution of at least 300 dpi • Ensure that your pdfs are not password protected • Do not submit certified copies, photocopies, black or white copies

Registration as an Architect in Australia

To become eligible to register as an Architect in Australia you are required to have:

• a recognized qualification in Architecture.

• undertake a period of practice in Australia; and

• passed the Architectural Practice Examination (APE).

Pathway 2: Overseas Qualifications Assessment

The AACA Overseas Qualifications Assessment (OQA) – determines whether an overseas academic qualification compares with a current Australian-accredited qualification in architecture.

  • AACA only assesses architectural qualifications obtained by coursework that would permit a graduate to proceed to registration as an architect in the home country of the awarding institution.
  • Applicant must have completed an architecture qualification of at least 5 years full-time from an overseas institution and may be living in Australia or overseas. No experience is assessed for Architect Skill Assessment.

AACA Overseas Qualifications Assessment Processing time is 16 weeks.

AACA Overseas Qualifications Assessment Fees

Overseas Qualifications Assessment – New applicants: AUD $3,370

Overseas Qualifications Assessment – Stage 2 only*: AUD $2,590

Appeal/Second Interview fee (case by case):  AUD $1,130

Optional Priority Processing Service: AUD $540

Pathway 3: If you have Australian and Overseas Qualifications

  • If an applicant for architect skill assessment has both AACA-accredited Australian qualifications as well as overseas qualifications, they should just use the Verification of Australian Accredited Architecture Qualification pathway.
  • Applicant must have completed an architecture qualification of at least 5 years full-time from an overseas institution and may be living in Australia or overseas. No experience is assessed.
  • To be eligible for the experienced practitioner assessment you must meet the following criteria:
    • Minimum 5-year professional qualification/s in architecture – applicants must hold an Australian-accredited professional qualification in architecture.
    • 7 years relevant professional postgraduate experience with a minimum of three years providing architectural services on complex projects, practicing at the Executive Level (principal decision-maker)
    • 12 months of relevant professional experience in Australia within the last three years
    • Permanent or Temporary Residency in Australia

AACA Experienced Practitioner Assessment Processing time is 15 weeks.

AACA Experienced Practitioner Assessment Fees:

Experienced Practitioner Assessment Local AUD $3,420

Experienced Practitioner Assessment Overseas AUD $4,720

Experienced Practitioner Assessment Overseas Modified* AUD $3,540

Additional Interview Fee AUD $2,140SOURCE:Architects Accreditation Council of Australia (AACA)

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