Skilled Resident Visa Subclass 887

This is a permanent visa for people who have lived and worked in specified areas of regional Australia. ​

Subclass 887 is a permanent work visa that is issued to people who are holders of a temporary visa before this. With this visa, an individual can stay in Australia indefinitely only if under the duration of the previous temporary visa that person has worked and lived in regional, low population growth or designated region of Australia for 2 years.

All about Subclass 887 Visa

This visa has some of the following benefits:

  • Reside in Australia permanently.
  • Work or pursue education in Australia.
  • Get enrolled in Medicare, Australia’s scheme for health care and expenditure.
  • Apply for Australian permanent residency, if you qualify for it.
  • Allows unlimited to and fro travel from Australia for five years.
  • Allows you to sponsor relatives for Australian citizenship.

Eligibility criteria for 887 Visa

To become eligible for this visa, the applicant must be a visa holder of any of the following visas. The applicant should have lived (2 years) and worked (1 year) under the below listed visas in a regional area for at least two years:

  • A skilled regional visa- subclass 489.
  • A skilled independent regional- subclass 495.
  • A skilled designated area sponsor visa- subclass 496.
  • A skilled regional sponsored visa- subclass 487.
  • A bridging visa A.
  • A bridging visa B.

Alongside, you must also fulfill certain residency and work requirements.

List family details with 887 visa

You should declare all the relevant family members at the time of application since you can’t mention them after that.

The family members that can be included are:

  • Spouse/partner
  • You or your partner’s children (minor or dependent adult)
  • You or your partner’s step-children (minor or dependent adult) or grandchildren

Travel with subclass 887 visa

As aforementioned, this visa allows you to travel to and from Australia for up to five years. Australian permanent visas come with a travel facility that becomes invalid after five years from the time visa is granted. To travel without restrictions under an 887 visa, you can further apply for a resident return visa.

Fees for subclass 887 visa

The fee for this visa is AUD 415.

Processing time for subclass 887 Visa

75% applications- 24 months
90% applications- 28 months

Documents required for 887 visa

You need to submit the following documents with your 887 visa application:
Passport- You do not qualify to apply for this visa if you don’t have a valid passport. So, make sure that your passport is updated and you have a copy of all the pages with your important information.

  • ID proofs – You need to submit proof of your national ID card or any other ID proofs you have. You’re also required to submit any documents that reflect your changed name (if it’s been changed).
  • Proof of work– One must provide proof that you have worked full-time for a minimum of 35 hours per week for one year under an applicable visa. Also, you must have worked in a low-population growth area or a designated area in Australia.
  • Residence proof– Under this visa 887, you must provide evidence of your stay in an approved area for at least two years during the duration of your previous visa, supporting documents are always helpful for the same like a Rent deed.
  • English language requirement– You must provide proof of your efficiency of the English Language at the regional level.
  • Character proof– You must provide documents of your good character by submitting form 80 and form 1221.



You must be inside Australia while applying for this visa and while the decision is under process.