The food and hospitality management course in Australia is apt for those students who have a flair for entrepreneurship, commercial insight, and an international focus.

All the top universities in Australia offering this course help you succeed in the hospitality industry by paying considerable attention to management skills, communication, and other mandatory professional skills.

The students get to interact with people and organizations in the hospitality business throughout the course. By carrying out assignments for real clients, the students get in-depth industry exposure. The course equips the students with a strong basis in business management that will aid them in generating new business ideas or improving the existing ones.

Courses and skills

There are wide varieties being offered in the courses you’ll take during a degree in Hospitality Management. However, there are popular and safe options as World Culture and Customs, Leading the Service Experience, Principles of Hospitality Management, Financial and Revenue Management, Tourism Design and Development and many more.

Food and Hospitality classes not only help students develop a wide range of Industry-specific expertise and soft skills needed for the sector, but also help them in getting a hold on foreign languages, teamwork and attention to details.
These skills become very vital in Tourism and Hospitality industries, where one needs to work with people from different backgrounds, personalities, teams, and make sure that your guests and customers always leave with a good taste.

Degrees & certifications

To help international students realize their dreams, Australia offers tailor made crafted courses leading up to a diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor’s degree, and masters’ qualification as per a student’s budget and suitability.
Few examples include:

  • SIT30821 – Certificate III in Commercial Cookery
  • SIT60322 – Advance Diploma of Hospitality
  • SIT31021 – Certificate III in Patisserie
  • Bachelors of Arts/International Hotel and Tourism Management.
  • Bachelors of Business Management/International Hotel and Tourism Management.
  • Master of International Tourism & Hospitality Management – Master of
  • Business Administration.

Course duration of a Bachelor’s degree ranges from anywhere from 6 months to 3 years (full time).

Career Opportunities:

The hospitality sector offers a variety of job opportunities for candidates in Australia.

Some of the renowned job titles include:

  • Restaurant Manager/ Hotel Administrator
  • Food and Beverage/ Bar/ Cafe Manager
  • Cruise Director
  • Event/ Wedding Planner
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Airline Manager
  • Casino Manager

Multiple jobs are constantly being created on a global scale which places hospitality management in the upper trajectory. This sector includes a wide range of skills, ranging from accommodation to wine tourism, thereby opening doors to a lot of students and young professionals to make their careers.

Merits of working in Hospitality Sector:

  • Flexible working hours

Working hours offer wide flexibility in work timings which allows students and professionals to choose the most convenient work timings for them; be it morning shift or night shift or part time or anything in between for the students of hospitality management in Australia.

  • Additional income

Well, there can no substitute to anything to some extra money coming to make your life comfortable. Other industries may have (no-pay) company shutdown periods during festive seasons, but it is the hospitality sector which is always hiring with lots of job opportunities for students and professional graduates to earn extra income.

Become the master chef

Australia is also well known for its numerous cookery courses and training from well-renowned universities/institutions which enhance your cooking skills and techniques by providing hands-on experience.

You can always explore your passion for food and who knows, might end up becoming a master chef in the future.

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