What is CPA?

Certified Practising Accountant is the professional title used by members of CPA Australia which is a well renowned accounting body. Known as one of the world’s largest accounting bodies, CPA Australia has over 168,000 members in above 100 countries globally along with the support offered by 19 offices.

The main services offered to its members include education, training and development, technical assistance, and advocacy. Here, the employees and members work in unison with national and international bodies to depict the perspectives and issues of the profession to governments, regulators, industries, academia, and the public in general. With the assistance of MRA, CPA Australia along with ICAI has opened pathways to opportunities for professionals who are just freshers in their accounting careers and also to some more seasoned accountants.

Irrespective of your stage in your career, CPA Australia can give you a firm standing in the market on a global level. Its designation allows the accounting and finance professionals a global platform to interact with peers and also the resources to stay up-to-date with the latest on leadership and global business making it seamless to scale up their international career.

Benefits of CPA designation

Some of the advantages of acquiring a CPA designation include:

  • Competitive Edge

It is necessary to keep up with the latest changes and advancements in every profession. The subjects offered through the CPA program are high in quality and dynamic and can be implemented practically for business management.

A CPA course offers value not just after attaining the designation, but throughout the course with the training and resources. The subjects help deepen the knowledge about the current scenario in global accounting that equips you to respond to real situations whilst building a promising international career.

  • Hone leadership skills

In today’s ever-changing business scenario, accountants are expected to be dynamic leaders so that they can adopt more effective accounting and financial mechanisms. This requires them to be well versed in the usage of recent software and technologies.

Getting to know about new technologies is one thing, but having the skill to implement them in an organization is a different thing. This is exactly what a CPA Australia qualification teaches you. The knowledge imparted through a CPA program can enhance your peers and aid in building efficient teams. Even though initially, the learning curve might rise slowly, the long-term effects of fruitful leadership will result in enhanced quality and productivity.

  • Find ways to develop your career

The CPA designation is well-known all around the world and is revered a lot in the Asia-Pacific region. Through the CPA program, one can earn the right skill set that is in demand by employers. This program gives deep insight and knowledge of strategic management as well as leadership and communication skills that are crucial for anyone trying to build a career in accounting.

One of the most top-rated benefits of a CPA program is that it offers promising advantages to its members by conducting seminars, conferences, and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) events that help better the knowledge of a professional by connecting distinct accounting professionals.

  • Exchange of knowledge with peers

The major benefit of being a part of the CPA community is that you can get access to Australia’s network of peer professionals. The community gives a space to contemplate and pool knowledge in the areas of accounting and finance while learning to adapt to different business challenges.

The network of CPA Australia is wide and with members working in senior leadership positions and professionals with long-term experience, growth becomes inevitable.