Australia Subclass 491 Visa & Cost

All about Subclass 491 Visa Cost

Australia Subclass 491 Visa Cost

A Subclass 491 visa is a provisional visa which is granted for 5 years by the Australian government to live, work and study in Australia in a specified regional area of Australia. This visa is a pathway to Australian permanent residence.

How much does 491 visa cost?

The Visa cost depends upon the type of applicant:

Primary Applicant

Fee for the primary applicant is AUD 4,240.

Secondary Applicant who is at least 18.

The secondary applicants who are at least 18 years of age is AUD2,120. This 491 fee is applicable when this additional applicant is added to the original 491 visa application.

Secondary Applicant who is under 18.

The applicants who are less than 18 years old is AUD1,060. This 491 visa fee is applicable when the secondary applicant is part of the original 491 application.

Second Instalment for 491 Visa

An applicant who is at least 18 years of age and does not have functional English needs to pay extra fees of AUD4,890 before the visa 491 can be granted.

Visa Cost for Subsequent Entrant

A subsequent entrant 491 visa is for a member of the family unit who already holds a 491 visa. 

There are times when the original visa holder has change of circumstances. A perfect example is a 491 visa holder getting married and then applies for a 491 visa subsequent entrant.

Since the new visa is applied for the wife, she needs to pay the visa  fee of the primary applicant. So, the visa cost for subsequent entrant is AUD4,890.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the pathway of permanent residence from 491 Visa?

A 491 visa holder who has held a visa for 3 years and have earned at least AUD53,900 for last 3 years while living in a designated regional area and have fulfilled all other 491 visa conditions may be eligible for a visa 191. A subclass 191 regional provisional Visa in a Regional Provisional Stream is an obvious pathway of Australian Permanent residence for 491 visa holders.

Can I move states after receiving my 491 visa approval?

A 491 visa holder can move interstate but still need to live in a designated regional area for 491 visa purposes. 

Can I move to Adelaide on 491 Visa?

Whole South Australia including Adelaide is an approved regional area for 491 purposes. So, in short a visa 491 holder can move to Adelaide on 491 visa.

How may points needed for 491?

The minimum eligibility score for a 491 visa is 65 points. But a score of 65 does not guarantee you an invitation from a state for that occupation.

How many points is a state nomination?

An applicant of 491 visa gets 15 extra points if they receive an invitation from a state to apply for a 491 visa.

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