Why it is better to use an education agent?

Most of the international students who travel to different countries know very little about how to choose the best college or university. They are not aware of the full range of options including scholarships or any discounts available with different educational institutions.

Education agent or consultant in Australia

In Australia, most institutions prefer to only deal with an agency that has a qualified QEAC (Qualified Education Agent Counsellor) agent. To become a QEAC agent, a person needs to clear a QEAC certification exam.

Oracle Immigration Consultants which is based in Bundoora, Melbourne, Australia provides education as well as immigration consultancy services. Since your enrolment is taken care of by a QEAC agent, it ensures the quality of the experience during enrolment. Our qualified agent stays the same throughout your enrolment process, so you are always dealing with the same person who knows your case well.

As a QEAC agent, we provide you with a list of options available according to your needs. This helps you select the best institution and course depending on your career needs as well as your budget.

We partner with most colleges and universities in Australia. So, we are in a better position to determine if you could be eligible for scholarships. From time to time, we are also sent promotional prices by universities which international students cannot avail of directly from the university or college.

Advantages of using Oracle Immigration Consultants for education and immigration services for student subclass 500 visa.

  1. We have a solution for all. Whether you are offshore looking to enroll in a university or are onshore and looking to enroll into a trade college, or just want to change your education institution because you are just not happy with their services, we help you find the best college and course according to your needs.
  2. While students may be aware of some universities and colleges, they would never have access to the whole list of colleges and universities. So, they may miss a good college with a cheaper fee structure.
  3. So, you have already decided to enroll in a specific college. We still advise that you contact Oracle Immigration Consultants in Melbourne, since we may be able to get you, a discount based on our good relationship with that college.
  4. Australian education experts: We are experts in Australian Qualification Framework (AQF). We provide you all the relevant information you will need to decide on the course and institution.
  5. Free Service: We do not charge you for any education service, enrolment, etc. While enrolment is a lengthy process requiring a Statement of Purpose (SOP) by some universities, an application process, etc, we are reimbursed by educational institutions for our time. So, you still get the best bargain without spending unnecessary time. Moreover, since we know the requirements of these colleges and universities, it is much easier for us to complete their formalities with the good relationship we have built over the years.
  6. One shop Service: We provide both education, insurance, and migration services. While we help you enroll in an educational institution in Australia, we also help you lodge your subclass 500 student visa for Australia. We provide you quotes with OSHC, and visitor cover to make it easier for you.

Whether you are looking to move to Australia through skilled migration, or study in Australia, or you are already in Australia and want to convert your visitor/tourist visa into a study visa, contact us at Oracle Immigration Consultants, Bundoora, Melbourne, Australia to find the best study options for you which will lead to permanent residency in future.

Disclaimer: The above information is not tailored to personal circumstances. For information relevant to personal circumstances, please book an appointment with Oracle Immigration Consultant’s expert migration agents in Australia.
For any inquiries, please contact us at +61 430812158. We are premier Immigration agency and consultancy in Melbourne (Bundoora and Geelong).

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