IMMI s56 Request for More Information

Have you received an IMMI s56 Request from the Department of Home Affairs? Don’t worry—it doesn’t always mean you are in a problem.

What is s56 Request for More Information?

A Section 56 Request is normally a simple request from your case officer requesting more information or documents to help process your Australian visa, sponsorship, or citizenship application. 

Generally, the S56 request gives you a period to provide the required information, usually within 28 days, but this may change depending on the situation. 

It’s necessary to keep an eye on that date. 

If you don’t answer in time, the case officer might decide on your application without waiting any longer.

How Does the s56 Form Look Like?

First of all, don’t panic. When you receive an email for s56 form pdf from the Department of Immigration, it usually has two documents attached.

The first one is about the fact you are being requested to provide additional documents, and the second is a list of documents required.

If you forgot to attach some documents, upload them to your IMMI account and click the “Documents Provided” button. You should seek separate advice if the issue is more complex.

We have often taken this kind of request for clients who applied independently, and their visas were granted afterward. If you need help, feel free to contact us for advice.

Visa Processing Time After s56 Request

There are no specific timeframes or strict rules for how long a case officer will take to decide on your application after you reply to an s56 Australia for more information. 

It could take minutes to months to decide on your application after betting your s56 response. 

Case officers often aim to establish the expected processing times published globally for visas. You can review these processing times to estimate how long it may take.

It’s important not to keep sending emails to the case officer questioning the status of your application, as this can be inadequate.

Extending the time frame for providing documents for s56 request forum

Sometimes, you might be unable to collect the required documents within the given time, which can be beyond your control. In such cases, it’s important to communicate with the case officer. You can ask for an extension of time, but give a good reason for your request.

How To Respond To Immi s56 Request For More Information?

​While answering an S56 request, collect all the information and evidence to support your application. Always give correct, up-to-date information and confirm all documents are genuine.

  • While preparing your documents, name them accurately and evaluate how the case officer will consider and analyze them. Ensure to provide only what is needed and avoid including irrelevant information.
  • When completing applications or forms, consider why each question is asked and what specific information is requested. This will assist you in giving the most accurate answers.
  • If you are unsure, consider seeking professional service to increase your chances of a successful outcome. You can contact us to complete your s56 request. 

How a request for additional information looks like?

Document 1 s56 Request for more Information

Date: 14 February 2024

Sent to:

In reply quote

Transaction reference number XXXXXX1678

Application ID 999999999

Dear Applicant

Request for more information for a Sponsored Parent (Temporary)

(subclass 870) visa

We need more information to consider your application for a Sponsored Parent (Temporary)

(subclass 870) visa.

The attached checklist tells you what information we need you to give us.

When do you need to give us the information

You have 28 days starting on the day after we emailed this request to give us the information

we have asked for.

Document 2


We need more information to help us assess your application.

All forms are available on our website


This request checklist is for

Date of birth 24 January 1950

Client ID 99999999990

Application ID 999999999

See the attached “Request Detail”, which provides a detailed explanation relating to the

checklist item(s) listed below.

Australian Federal Police (AFP) National Police Certificate

Departmental records indicate that you have been in Australia for 396 days in the last 10


Police clearance certificate from India

Please provide police clearance issued by Indian High Commission/ Consulate or

Passport office.

Immigration Health Examinations (for example: chest x-ray, medical examinations

and/or blood tests as specified in the Health Examinations List)

The information provided below explains the requirements relating to the checklist item(s)

listed above.

Frequently asked questions

What is s56 request?

s56 meaning that a case officer has been allocated to your application and the Department is checking it. They just need more documents or data from you to complete the evaluation.

How long after s56 request?

You must reply to the s56 request within a fixed timeframe, usually 28 days unless otherwise specified.

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