Australian student visa refusal

All about Australian student visa refusal.

This is a very commonly asked question by student visa applicants who want to study in Australia. There is an increasing demand from students who want to study in Australia on an Australian student visa. The student visa is designated by subclass 500 in Australia.

It is very important to first discuss the following question to answer the question above.

What are the main reasons for Australian student visa refusal?

There is not one single reason for Australian student visa refusal. It could be a single reason or a combination of reasons which leads to an Australian student visa being rejected.

The following are the most important reasons for Australian student visa refusal:

  1. The biggest reason for most student visa refusals is the inability of the students or the immigration consultants to address the GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant) criteria. A GTE statement made by a student should be personal and not just copy and paste SOP with a name change on each GTE statement.
  2. What we normally see is the immigration agencies from the subcontinent example India make SOPs or GTE statements which are not personalized at all. For example, what is the applicant’s family financial background, previous study, and how does the proposed study relate to the previous study?
  3. Sometimes no relevant links are provided for how the applicant will find jobs and related jobs which makes the Australian study feasible and attractive from the financial side.
  4. Sometimes the GTE statement or SOP for a student visa focuses on job elements in Australia.

    It is very important to understand that an applicant for an Australian student visa applying for subclass 500 needs to demonstrate that they are a genuine temporary entrant. They need to satisfy the case officer that they will return to their home country once their study is completed.
  5. Another most common reason for student visa refusal is insufficient genuine funds and lack of demonstration of the overall financial position of the family. The most common problems are new funds transferred into the bank account, no CA reports, Valuation reports, etc. 

    It is very important to understand that the Department knows that a student who has completed Year 12 is not going to have a net worth of crores and millions of rupees and dollars.

So, it is very important for a student visa applicant applying for a student visa in Australia to attach all evidence that could satisfy the case officer that your financial condition in India or your home country is very good and there is a good chance that you will return to India and will consider you as a genuine temporary entrant.

Have you heard from agents in India or your home country that you get admission to a Level 1 University, and you don’t need to provide evidence of financial position and statements, etc?

Now this is the biggest blunder that you can make when you apply for an Australian student Visa subclass 500. 

Remember, this may satisfy the financial evidence or funds criteria, but a case officer still investigates the Genuine Temporary Entrant Criteria. Now these bank statements, CA reports, and property valuation reports not only help satisfy the financial evidence criteria but demonstrates to the case officer your overall financial position.

This helps in convincing the case officer that you are a genuine temporary entrant.

  • I studied Commerce but the agent in India told me that nursing is in demand in Australia. Following the advice of such agents lead to many student visa rejections.

    At Oracle Immigration Consultants we have experienced qualified registered migration agents and education counsellors’ who help you choose a career-based study based on your previous qualification. This helps demonstrate that the study you have chosen is a consistent pathway. It helps in one reason less for student visa rejection.
  • Big gaps in education, very low marks, and very low English test scores in IELTS, PTE, etc also demonstrate that either you are unsuccessful in your home country like India, or you are just not serious about your education. All of these are serious factors for student visa rejection.
  • I will complete my Year 12 and then I will take coaching in PTE or IELTS. This is what we normally hear from students who want to study in Australia. This is a very big problem.
  • Potential applicants who want to study in Australia and want to apply for a student visa 500, should start preparing for the English tests while they’re studying in Year 12. Ideally, they should sit PTE, and IELTS exams before they complete their Year 12. This is because when they will receive the results, they can start the admission process to Australian Universities straightaway.

Remember, Australian Universities prefer freshers as opposed to students with long gaps.

The problem with the approach of appearing in the IELTS and PTE exams after completing Year 12 is that by the time the students finish their English tests coaching and appear in exams, it’s already 6 to 8 months since they completed their Year 12.

Some unlucky students do not get the required IELTS and PTE scores to get admission into Australian universities.

They then start coaching again and follow the same process. Ultimately, we are sometimes approached by students wanting to study in Australia after 1 year. By this time some Australian Universities are reluctant to enroll students. They do not see the gap of more than a year after Year 12 in good light. 

So, why not start the IELTS and PTE preparation earlier and give yourself an advantage and save time? It also reflects how serious you are about studies and life in general.

“An Indian agent told me you need these many funds for a student visa”.

Or a common question is how much funds I need to show for a student visa. It is correct that you are required to show minimum funds to apply for a student visa in Australia, but you should not forget that that is only satisfying the financial evidence criteria and not the GTE criteria.

We have seen student visa refusal cases where the applicant’s family is quite rich with a lot of funds and assets but just because the agent told them they need to show 30 Lakh Indian rupees and that is sufficient, they do so. If you have 10 crore Indian rupees, it is important that you provide evidence at the time of your child’s student visa application.

That makes the student visa case stronger which may help in demonstrating that you are a genuine temporary applicant because you have all this money and assets in India.

Some greedy agents in India try to get you enrolled into cheap colleges which mostly leads to quite a lot of student visa refusals in Australia.

Now two important questions regarding Australian student visa refusals:

  1. Can I apply for an Australian student visa after refusal offshore?
  2. What are the chances of getting an Australian student visa after refusal?

I will explain the above question through a recent student visa we were able to get for our client who had her student visa refused because of the incompetence of an Indian agent.


We recently dealt with a student visa client who had her student visa refused through an Indian agent in Jalandhar.

Critical errors in the case:

  1. The agent chose a cheap college with low chances of student visa approval.
  2. The agent did not attach financial evidence. 
  3. The agent never advised the student visa applicant that she should provide financial position evidence.
  4. The GTE Statement had many critical errors which were opposite to what would demonstrate a Genuine Temporary Entrant criterion and even a genuine case like hers which ticked all boxes made a destructive case of student visa refusal.


Unless you find out what went wrong in the previous application, it is very hard to make a new student visa application with better chances of succeeding.

How we addressed the student visa refusal:

  1. We made sure that the GTE statement demonstrated genuine temporary entrant criteria including critical information on jobs available, elaborating on the financial position of the family, and many other things.
  2. We got her admission into the right Australian University and course for her.
  3. We made a detailed submission for the case officer addressing all criteria of an Australian subclass 500 student visa.
  4. In the submission we explained what went wrong in the previous student visa application and why the applicant should be granted an Australian student visa this time and how we have addressed the concerns of the department with new evidence, facts, and information they require.

It takes a long time to prepare student visa refusal applications. You don’t need overseas Indian travel agencies, but qualified MARA-approved experienced Registered Migration Agents from Oracle Immigration Consultants based in Bundoora, Melbourne, Australia for better chances to get your student visa approved from offshore and onshore.

At Oracle Immigration Consultants we focus on quality and not quantity. We do not like to churn student visa applications like peanuts. We treat every student visa application and the applicant like it was our own child. This is because we believe in building futures.

Getting the student visa application right the first time is better than a student visa application from an unqualified professional who is not MARA licensed and doesn’t have appropriate qualifications.

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