Migrant Worker Protections for Australian Temporary Visa Holders

The Australian government has announced that it will increase protections for Temporary Visa holders so that they can speak up without fear of reprisal and target employers who exploit temporary visa holders.

The Department of Home Affairs has stated that one in 6 migrants to Australia is paid less than the minimum wage rate and it affects all Australian employees and workers.

The Australian government has decided to introduce legislation to penalise employers who exploit Temporary Visa holders. They will do this by introducing the following:

  • Any employer coercing temporary visa holders to breach visa conditions will be charged with a criminal offense.
  • employers who are found exploiting migrants will be prohibited from hiring temporary visa holders.
  • The penalties for offenders will be increased.
  • Section 235 of the Migration Act 1958 will be repealed which actively undermines reporting of employers exploiting temporary visa holders.

The Australian government will set up AUD 50 million for Australian Border Force and for other enforcement and compliance purposes.

The consultation will be arranged by the Australian government with businesses, unions, and society for this purpose.

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