Trade Occupation Skill Assessment VETASSESS

Vetassess Trade Occupation assesses 28 occupations as part of Trade Skills Assessment which is an important part of the trade recognition process for a person looking to migrate to Australia.

Trade Occupation Vetassess list

342111Airconditioning and Refrigeration mechanicVETASSES
321111Automotive ElectricianVETASSES
351111Baker (Bread Baking)Vetassses
331211Carpenter and JoinerVETASSES
351311Chef (Asian cookery)VETASSES
351311Chef (Commercial cookery)VETASSES
351411Cook (Asian cookery)Vetasses
351411Cook (Commercial cookery)VETASSES
321212Diesel Motor Mechanic (Heavy commercial vehicle)VETASSES
321212Diesel Motor Mechanic (Mobile Plant)VETASSES
341111Electrician (General)VETASSES
341112Electrician (Special Class)VETASSES
342313Electrician Equipment Trades WorkerVETASSES
323211Fitter (General)VETASSES
323213Fitter (welder)vetasses
323212Fitter and TurnerVETASSES
322311Metal Fabricatorvetasses
323214Metal Machinist (First Class)VETASSES
321211Motor Mechanic (General) (Light Vehicle)VETASSES
334111Plumber (General)VETASSES
322211Sheetmetal Trades WorkerVETASSES
322313Welder (First Class)VETASSES

How can I check my eligibility to apply for a VETASSSES TRADE Skills Assessment for migration?

Vetassess Trade Occupation has an eligibility calculator which helps you check if you are eligible for a trade skills assessment for migration purposes. 

To check if you are eligible, you can click on the Vetasses eligibility calculator.

List of documents required by VETASSESS

Vetasses require the following documents to be high-color scans of the original.


  1. Application fee: Correct vetasses application fee at the time of the application should be paid.
  2. Photograph: Vetasses require a good quality passport-size photograph which should not be more than 6 months old.
  3. Change of name certificate.
  4. Award certificate and academic transcripts.
  5. Employment evidence which includes a Statement of Service template and payment evidence. For self-employed a statutory declaration with main duties, client invoices, bank statements, official taxation records, client contracts, client testimonials, evidence of projects, and an Employment Reference for Self-employment template. An organizational chart and evidence of activities/Portfolio/Projects List will also be required.

List of occupations requiring an Organisational Chart

Project List template

Events List template

sales list template

ICT sales list template

farm activities list template

For a university lecturer publication list template

Other supplementary evidence such as license or registration documents could be submitted.

  1. In case there is information that cannot be supplied in official documents, a statutory declaration can be provided.
  2. A resume detailing education and employment.
  3. Proof of Identity: VETASSES require at least three proof of identity documents. At least one from the primary document list and the rest 2 can be secondary or 2 primary documents and 1 secondary.


  1. Passport Bio page
  2. Birth Certificate


  1. National ID
  2. driver’s License
  3. Social Security card
  4. marriage certificate
  5. Student identity card
  6. Australian Visa

At least 1 document should contain a photo and at last one should contain the full name and 

date of birth.

Other VETASSESS Skill Assessments

VETASSESS Skills Assessment Criteria for Landscape Architect Endorsed by AILA

VETASSESS and Confederation of Indian Industry partner on skills harmonization

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