Every year the number of people going to Australia on a visitor visa, education visa, family visa, family visit visa surges. There is clearly something really fascinating about the country that people rave about it so much. Australia is home to diverse culture, good food, history, and some well-loved craziness. If you think you know a lot about Australia, check out some crazy facts below that’ll blow your mind.

1. The snow in the Australian Alps will make you forget the Swiss Alps

While the wide-eyed tourists rave about Australia’s amazing beaches and year-round sunshine, the Australian Alps, spanning across New South Wales and Victoria, are a hub for skiing enthusiasts. With snowfall happening between June and September, Australia makes the perfect place to go for your skiing trip during the northern hemisphere summer.

2. The coastline is home to 90% of Australians

With the wide deserts of Central Australia, the vast majority of its population lives on the shores of this gigantic country. The large cities of Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne are major tourist attractions with umpteen beaches and buzzing centers. Outside these are major cities, there isa multitude of smaller beach towns where the Australian coastline will get anyone drooling.

3. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world

If you’re drawn towards fresh outdoors, then the island of Tasmania is just the spot for you, with air quality parallel to Antarctica. With one-third of the state reserved as a national park, it’s a walker’s paradise. It has zigzag trails over the entire island, where the coastal paths reveal magnificent views over Wineglass Bay and the Bay of Fires.

4. There are over 60 distinct wine regions in Australia

You can’t visit Australia and not try its famous elixir, wine! With a myriad of wine regions, you’ll be left spoilt for choice. The majority of wine regions are located in New South Wales and Victoria that you can explore on a road trip between Sydney and Melbourne. For more picturesque wine regions, explore the Southern Highlands, Tumbarumba, and Alpine Valleys, where wine is yielded from a variety of grapes.

5. Australia has the largest eco-system in the world, The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is the pride of Australia, which is home to 2,500 individual reefs apparent from space. Since it spans halfway down the eastern coast of the country, you can plan on taking your dive from plenty of places to explore the kaleidoscopic coral. Cairns is the most exotic city to kickstart your trip out to the reefs, but Townsville, Port Douglas, and Airlie Beach are equally good. Jump off and tick away snorkeling and diving among the colorful beaches and turtles from your bucket list.

6. The largest sand island in the world, Fraser Island is in Australia

The highlight of any trip to Queensland is the sandy shores of Fraser Island. Hervey Bay is the best point to jump off for exploring the exotic island. So, take your boat and get off discovering the delights of this paradise, the clear blue waters of Lake MacKenzie surrounded by the white sand shore and the tranquility of Champagne Pools, the best place to swim in shallow pools. The island has around 150 dingoes. So, if you have any luck, you can spot those famous wild dogs.

7. Australia has the world’s largest war memorial – The Great Ocean Road

If you’re fond of long drives, then The Great Ocean Road is the most famous road with magnificent views. It was built by returning soldiers after World War one as a dedication to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives. It was also designed to connect the aloof communities that resided to the edge of Victoria’s coastline.

8. Australia’s wildlife is unique & interesting

Australia is home to some of the rarest animals, from cute marsupials to a huge variety of birds. There are so many ways to get to witness their beauty, from zoos and parks to going out in the wilderness. One can easily spot a kangaroo in the fields and farmland of New South Wales. However, if you wish to see koalas and platypuses, take a guide to show you the spots.

9. The longest straight section of train track in the world, the Indian Pacific train, is in Australia

If you’re fond of rail journeys, then between Sydney and Perth lies the Indian Pacific that offers the spectacular view of the Blue Mountains. In between taking a break to enjoy gourmet food, art museums and the wide spaces of Adelaide is a must. Proceeding to the further journey takes you across Nullabor Plain where the straight section begins taking you through Avon Valley and into Perth. Indulge in the best sightseeing of Australia whilst relishing the luxury services of the train.

10. Australia is a true land of extremes

As far as Australia’s weather is concerned, it oscillates between temperatures as high as 50.7 degreesCelsius, the highest ever recorded while the lowest has been recorded to -23.0 degree celsius.

Reading everything mentioned above must have taken you by surprise and awe. Your feet must be itching to pay a visit to this amazingly beautiful country to feast your eyes or upskill yourself with its top-notch education facilities. If any of this has crossed your mind, then go ahead and consult the best Australian immigration services to tick some things off your bucket list.

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