1. When did Australia officially become a federation?

   a) 1887

   b) 1901

   c) 1923

   d) 1956

   Answer: b) 1901

2. Which city in Australia is known for its iconic Opera House?

   a) Melbourne

   b) Sydney

   c) Perth

   d) Brisbane

   Answer: b) Sydney

3. What is the official language of Australia?

   a) English

   b) Spanish

   c) French

   d) Mandarin

   Answer: a) English

4. Which Australian visa category is intended for skilled workers?

   a) Student visa

   b) Visitor visa

   c) Working holiday visa

   d) Skilled visa

   Answer: d) Skilled visa

5. What is the name of the Australian government agency responsible for immigration and citizenship?

   a) Australian Border Force

   b) Department of Immigration and Border Protection

   c) Australian Citizenship and Immigration Services

   d) Department of Home Affairs

   Answer: d) Department of Home Affairs

6. Which year did the Australian government introduce the points-based immigration system?

   a) 1975

   b) 1988

   c) 1996

   d) 2001

   Answer: b) 1988

7. What is the Australian citizenship test called?

   a) Australian Citizenship Test

   b) National Knowledge Test

   c) Australian Values Test

   d) Citizenship Assessment Exam

   Answer: a) Australian Citizenship Test

8. Which city in Australia has the highest immigrant population?

   a) Sydney

   b) Melbourne

   c) Brisbane

   d) Perth

   Answer: b) Melbourne

9. How many points are required to qualify for the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)?

   a) 65

   b) 70

   c) 85

   d) 90

   Answer: a) 65

10. What is the largest source country of immigrants to Australia?

    a) United Kingdom

    b) China

    c) India

    d) New Zealand

    Answer: c) India

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