The Australian Government is improving the Student visa program to make sure that only genuine
students receive visas. This change aims to give opportunities only to students who will contribute to
Australia’s economy after completing their qualifications.

Key Changes: The Australian Government announced changes to Student visa eligibility after
changing the migration strategy.
Starting July 1, 2024, certain temporary visa holders cannot apply for a Student visa in Australia. These
visa holders include:
 Temporary Graduate (Subclass 485)
 Visitor (Subclass 600)
 Electronic Travel Authority (Subclass 601)
 Medical Treatment (Subclass 602)
 eVisitor (Subclass 651)
 Transit (Subclass 771)
 Maritime Crew (Subclass 988)
 Diplomatic Temporary (Subclass 995) – primary visa holders only
 Temporary Work (Subclass 403) – Domestic Worker (Diplomatic or Consular) stream
 Domestic Worker (Temporary) – Diplomatic or Consular (Subclass 426)
Previously, certain visa holders couldn’t apply for a student visa onshore, but now this list has been

Temporary Graduate Visa holders should either leave Australia or find skilled jobs and other
visa pathways that might lead to permanent residency.
Visitor Visa holders who hope to study in Australia must apply for their Student visa from
outside the country.
Students planning to study in Australia can apply for a Student visa from outside Australia and will be
granted a visa if they meet the criteria.
These standards prevent ‘visa hopping,’ in which temporary visa holders in Australia switch visas,
creating a group of ‘permanently temporary’ residents.

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