Student Visa Subclass 500

From 5thApril 2022 there have been changes made to conditions 8104 and 8105 for Student Visa subclass 500 visa holders and their dependants:

What are 8104 and 8105 visa conditions?

Condition 8104: The holder must not engage in work for more than 40 hours a fortnight while the holder is in Australia.

Condition 8105:  The holder must not engage in any work in Australia before the holder’s course of study commences.

Under the new changes to 8104 and 8105 visa conditions for a student visa subclass 500,Student visa holders and their dependents will be permitted to work full time before the students’ course commences where they had permission to work on their previous visas.

Child Subclass 445

The new regulations allow Subclass 445 visa applicants to be granted this visa even if they are not in the same location as when the application was made.

This amendment also allows applicants outside Australia to lodge their application directly with a Departmental office in Australia.

An amendment has been made so that only the parent holding one of the relevant provisional partner visas may make a valid application for their child.

Resident Return Visas Subclass 155 and 157.

Subclass 155 and 157 visa applicants outside Australia will be able to make an application in Australia, regardless of whether it is an internet or paper application. It also enables Subclass 155 and 157 visa applicants who lodged their visa application outside Australia to be granted the visa while they are in Australia, rather than requiring them to be outside Australia at the time of grant.

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