International Students from Punjab in Australia

Latest Data:

According to data based on internal study of Australian education providers, students from Punjabis the largest group from India applying for student visa sub class 500 and studying in Australian colleges and universities.

A total of 12,644 Punjabi students applied for student visas for Australia in year 2019 followed by Telangana at distant second.

Students from Punjab are attracted towards Australia because there are a lot more job opportunities in Australia. With not many opportunities in Punjab, students looking to build a career prefer to study in Australia than moving interstate within India.

Disadvantages of using unqualified agents:

Official figures suggest that there are just 1181 registered travel agents in Punjab. But these figures don’t include illegal travel agencies.

Most travel agents in Punjab are not qualified Registered Migration Agents (RMA’s).They don’t have the required qualifications, skills, and experience to lodge a student visa subclass 500 in a compliant way.

The situation becomes complex because most agents sending international students to Australia work on packages. Package: Student pays lump sum money running into lakhs including visa fees, study fees etc. So, student never knows the exact division of the money taken by an agent in Punjab. Moreover, agents in Punjab focus on quantity rather than quality of file. That’s how majority of the Australian student visas get rejected.

At Oracle Immigration Consultants Pty Ltd, Bundoora, Melbourne, Australia, our qualified education agent councilor provides right advice to students.We help students enroll in an Australian college and university according to their career objectives and goals. The student is advised by a registered migration agent who is registered with government organization MARA.As all student visa process is handled by registered migration agent of Australia, it reduces the chances of student visa refusal.

Advantages of using Oracle Immigration Consultants

  • Believe in preparing a quality file of your student visa rather than focusing on quantity.
  • Your failure is our failure. Although grant of student visas comes under the Australian government, but we do our best to present your file in an organized way which improves the chances of grant of student visa.
  • We provide itemized costs in an agreement which discloses student visa charges.
  1. Cost of health insurance. We will provide you the exact amount you will pay for your health insurance. This will be a condition of student visa subclass 500. If you ae looking to get a family OSHC commonly known as Overseas Student Health cover as a part of your student visa requirement, we provide that at a discount up to 67%.
  2. Offer Letter: We will provide you an offer letter from an Australia education institution you enroll to study. The offer letter from the university will include all terms and conditions and fees.
  3. Confirmation of enrollment (COE): Once you pay the fees you get a confirmation of enrollment. This is then used to lodge an Australian student visa subclass 500.
  4. Visa fees: Our agreement include any visa fee charged by the government or any professional fee charged by us.
  5. Statement of Purpose: A lot of Australian student visas are rejected due to inaccurate made SOP’s which is submitted as a requirement of an Australian study visa. We make SOP’s according to your circumstances which increases the chances of your student visa.
  6. Choice of courses and Australian education institutions: A choice of wrong course or an education institution results in refusal of student visas. So, we recommend you the right course and education institution to increase your chances of an Australian Student Visa.
  7. Visa Refusals: We accept cases where an Australian student visa application has been refused in past. But it is very important to understand the importance of using a registered migration agent in the first attempt. Using a registered migration agent increases the chances of student visa being granted. Visa refusals do complicate your chances of getting a student visa later.

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