The Department of Home Affairs provided a waiver for a provisional skill assessment as a requirement for a 485 visa in the graduate work stream for a period of 12 months from 1st July 2022 until 30th June 2023.

It is a reminder that an applicant of the subclass 485 visa in the graduate work stream will need a Provisional Skill Assessment (PSA) in their nominated occupation from Saturday 1st July 2023 before they can lodge a 485 Visa application in the graduate work stream.

The provisional skill assessment (PSA) is a pre-requisite for the Job Ready program also commonly known as JRP. 

For Provisional skill assessment (PSA), Trades Recognition Australia (TRA) requires evidence that an applicant has completed 360 hours of work in their nominated occupation in an established commercial business in Australia using the equipment and processes which are standard for that industry and occupation.

As per the latest update from TRA, it is very important that applicants of the Job Ready program need to submit correct and complete documentation or their application will be considered invalid. They will also be required to lodge a new application and pay the assessment fee again to TRA.

Important Security Update from TRA (Trades Recognition Australia)

The TRA has advised that from Thursday 29th June 2023, they are introducing a mandatory multi-factor authentication to the online TRA portal to secure personal information.

After 29th June 2023, when a user of the TRA portal accesses the portal for the first time, they will be asked to enter a registered email address to receive one time passcode. If an applicant and a registered migration agent use different email addresses, they will need to choose which email will be used to receive one-time passcode.

Frequently Asked Questions on PSA (Provisional Skill Assessment)

Can you apply for Job Ready Program (JRP) before completing your studies?

No, an applicant who wants to apply for a Job Ready program (JRP) must have completed their qualification relevant to the nominated occupation. The qualification must be awarded by CRICOS RTO as a study completed in Australia.

Can overseas qualification be considered for Provisional Skill Assessment (PSA)?

No, the applicant must have completed an Australian Qualification from CRICOS for Provisional Skill Assessment (PSA).

Is Vocational placement counted towards Provisional Skill Assessment (PSA)?

Yes, as per TRA (Trades Recognition Australia) vocational placement may be counted towards the 360 hours required for Provisional Skill Assessment (PSA).

Is IELTS (International English Testing System) required for Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA)?

No, the applicant does not require any English test score for their Provisional Skills Assessment (PSA). But it is important to remember that an applicant for a subclass 485 visa in the graduate work stream is still required to get a minimum score in English language tests unless they hold a valid passport from the United Kingdom, The United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, or The Republic of Ireland.

Does TRA (Trades Recognition Australia) accept qualifications because of RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning)?

No, TRA does not recognize qualifications received through RPL for the Job Ready program (JRP).

Can I apply for a PSA review?

If an applicant has had their PSA refused previously, they can apply for a PSA review by paying a fee of AUD 200 and completing a Request for a Review form.

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