The partner visa of Australia requires a relationship statement from the visa applicant and sponsor applicant. This is a chance to speak directly to the case officer and describe your relationship. 

You must complete the relationship statement carefully because it is integral to your visa application. The best opportunity for applicants is to write a relationship statement with the help of a case officer or registered migration agent to manage and lodge their visa correctly. 

The purpose of this statement is: 

  • Describe the nature of your relationship and how you met.
  • Detail your future plans.
  • Explain the nature of your households and shared commitments

This statement works as proof that your relationship is authentic and ongoing. This is also an opportunity to show your “relationship roadmap” for the future. It is a chance to present your relationship on your own terms, so it’s essential to get it accurate. The case officer will assess this document, so make sure it’s of good quality. 

It must be in easy words and approx. 2-3 pages long. The length will depend entirely on the applicant’s circumstance, e.g., you must describe any long separation time, etc.

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Tips for Writing Persuasive and Powerful Relationship Statement for Partner Visa

  • Don’t be Embarrassed 

Be proud to write all the explanations of your relationship, e.g., how and when you met, including the exact dates and locations that you started a relationship. Write everything in detail about what attracted you to your partner. 

Writing everything down may feel a little weird, but it’s all part of the procedure and demonstrates the authenticity of your relationship.

  • Spelling and Grammar check

Check spelling and grammar multiple times to avoid any spelling or punctuation mistakes. 

  • Explain Separation

Write down all the explanations for your physical separations. This is a chance to describe how and how frequently you contact each other. Provide supporting evidence if possible. You have to explain clearly why and how the physical separation happened. 

  • Relationship Development

Describe how your relationship developed and became more serious. You can also write about when your partner helped you through a difficult situation. Remember to explain to the case officer when and how your partner was first introduced to friends and family.

  • Describe Daily life

Explain your day-to-day life. You can describe the nature of your household, e.g., who does the cooking and cleaning? How do you both split the duties of the day? This will add authenticity to your statement. 

  • Write Hobbies

Write about the activities you do and enjoy as a couple. You can also write about holidays and mutual activities, including going to the gym, playing games, and taking family trips. 

  • Explain Monetary management

You must add how you share your finances and meet expenses as a couple. Add all the details of your financial statement.

  • Describe Future Plans

You should not only add the details of your relationship authenticity at the time of visa application but also ensure that this is an ongoing relationship and write down your plans for spending your future together. 

  • Accurate Dates

You have to make sure that there are accurate dates to show the length of your statement. You must draw attention to the length of time you have been together and the important dates, including the date you first met, when you introduced your partner to your family, etc.

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Here is a Sample of the Relationship Statement for your Australian Partner Visa

Partner Visa Statement Sample

Partner Visa Statement Sample for Arranged Marriage


My name is (DOB: ). I am an Australian citizen (Passport Number ) living at , , VIC, 3030. I married my wife who is an Indian citizen (Indian).

I first met my wife online on July 2023 on a WhatsApp video call. The video call was arranged by my parents and my wife’s parents so that we could see and speak to each other. Both families were brought together through mutual relatives. Since my parents and my wife’s parents were looking for life partners for myself and my wife respectively, our mutual relatives suggested that me and my wife meet online and speak to each other.

During our long call on July, we instantly connected and liked each other and decided that we wanted to marry. Our parents arranged for our marriage on November 2023. I then flew to India on November 2023. I first physically met my wife on November 2023 at her house in Haryana, India, during a lunch organized by my wife’s parents.

On November 2023, my father-in-law Mr.Singh and a few relatives came to my house in India () for a Roka ceremony as already planned. I have attached some photos from that ceremony with my parents, sister, relatives, and father-in-law.

We married on November 2023 at a temple Haryana, India. We got married at approximately 5 P.m. Since me and my wife wanted a simple wedding and were against spending too much money on the marriage it was a simple wedding ceremony.

The Baraat on cars with only a few family members first went to my wife’s house for a simple ring ceremony. The ring ceremony took place on November 2023 at around noon. After having tea and snacks everyone left for , India at approximately 3 Pm. After which we went to the temple for marriage. The marriage was solemnized by a Hindu priest in the presence of my family members and family members of my wife. I have attached photos from the marriage and ring ceremony for your reference.

Financial Aspects of the relationship

My wife will move to Australia once the partner visa is granted. She is looking to work in Australia. Once, she moves to Australia, I will look after all the financial expenses until she settles. After which we will together share all the expenses.

In the meantime, my parents in India and her parents will take care of her expenses in India. She is spending her time mostly at her parents’ home but will also be visiting my parents when they return from their visit in Australia.

The nature of the Household

I live at , VIC, Australia, 3030. It is a 4-bedroom house that I share with my brother and my sister-in-law who are here on student visas. Once my wife xxxl’s partner visa is granted, I will travel to India to bring her to Australia, and she will live with us at this rented house.

Me and my wife have decided that we will buy our own house after a few years.

Social Aspect of the relationship

I first met my wife online on July 2023 on a Whatsapp video call. We got married on November 2023. I returned to Australia on 4th December 2023 and spoke to my wife over the phone and Whatsapp almost every second day. We always present ourselves as a couple and married. I have provided the following evidence of the social aspect of our relationship:

  1. Registration of marriage certificate.
  2. Photos from Roka ceremony on November 2023.
  3. Photos from Ring Ceremony on November 2023 from my wife’s house.
  4. Photos from Marriage on November 2023 from xxxx Haryana.
  5. Screenshots from Instagram of my and my wife’s account declaring each other as wife and husband respectively.
  6. 888 forms and statutory declarations from my parents and relatives.

The Nature of the Commitment

Although I met my wife online on 1July 2023 on Whatsapp chat through our parents and relatives, I have developed a very strong bond with my wife after our marriage on November 2023. We love each other and speak to each other throughout the week. I have built a very strong bond with my father-in-law, mother-in-law and my wife’s sister and brother and sometimes speak to them over the phone. My parents and my sister and brother also share a very good rapport with my wife. While my wife is looking forward to joining my wife in Australia, I am keen for her partner visa to be granted at earliest so that I can take her around Australia. We also look forward to buying a house together and have children in future. I have provided the following evidence of the nature of commitment for each other:

  1. Copy of my superannuation statement declaring my wife as 100% nominee.
  2. Marriage certificate of our marriage being registered in India. Marriage solemnised in a temple in India on November 2023.

I request the respected case officer to grant my wife xxx a partner visa at earliest, so that she can travel to Australia to stay with me and start our next exciting phase of life together. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you require any further information and documents.

Kind Regards

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