What is a Temporary Graduate Visa?

A Temporary Graduate Subclass 485 visa is for international students who have recently completed their study relevant to the occupation Australia requires. It lets these graduates work and stay temporarily in Australia after their study, thus giving opportunity to gain valuable experience in their field.

Types of Temporary Graduate Visa

  1. Graduate work Stream
  2. Post-Study Work Stream
  3. Second Post-Study Work Stream
  4. Replacement Stream

We will be discussing the Post Study Work Stream today.

Post- Study Work Stream

Visa Fees in the Post Study Work Stream

1Base application charge$1895
2Additional applicants charge for an applicant who is at least 18$950
3Additional applicants charge for an applicant who is less than 18$475

Criteria at time of lodging a visa subclass 485 application in the Post Study Work Stream.

  • Location at the time of the applicant: An application for visa subclass 485 in the Post Study Stream can only be made within Australia but the applicant must not be in immigration clearance. Members of the family unit can be in or outside Australia.
  • Applicant lodging a subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa application in the Post-Study Work Stream must nominate Post Study Work stream at the time of the application.
  • The primary applicant of the 485 visa in the post-study stream must hold or must have held a Student Visa subclass 500 which was granted based on the application made after 5th November 2011 and was the first subclass 500 student visa the applicant held or hold.
  • The primary applicant must be less than 50 years of age.
  • The applicant should satisfy one of the following criteria:

The applicant must hold an eligible student visa. An eligible student visa is a student visa except Foreign Affairs student, defence student or a secondary applicant on the student visa.


If the applicant is outside Australia and is lodging a subclass 485 Temporary Graduate Visa, the applicant must have held an eligible student visa. Eligible student visa described above.


An applicant must be a holder of Bridging Visa A or B which they have received as a result of making a valid application and have held an eligible student visa at any time during 6 months ending immediately before the day the application for subclass 485 visa is lodged.


An applicant must be a holder of a substantive visa and have held an eligible student visa at any time during 6 months ending immediately before the day the application for 485 visa is lodged.


The applicant must have been taken, under sections 368C, 368D and 379C of the Act, to have been notified that the Tribunal has set aside and substituted the Minister’s decision not to revoke the cancellation of the applicant’s eligible student visa not more than 28 days before the day on which the application is made.

Further Requirements

  • Unless the applicant is a citizen of The United Kingdom, The United States of America, Canada, New Zealand or the Republic of Ireland, the application for a subclass 485 visa must be accompanied by the applicant achieving the minimum English scores as follows:
485 Temporary Graduate Visa
  • Each applicant at the time of the application who is 16 years of age or older must provide an AFP (Australian Federal Police Clearance) at the time of the application.
  • At the time the application was made, the applicant must hold adequate health insurance. For the visa subclass 485 Temporary Graduate visa, Overseas Visitor Health Cover is the appropriate cover.

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  • All applicants must satisfy the health criteria and take medical assessment.

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  • The applicants must satisfy the character criteria. If you have any prior convictions or legal troubles, please contact us at Oracle Immigration Consultants to see if you are eligible for the 485 subclass visa.
  • No bogus documents should have been provided in the current application and in the last 3 years before the application, applicant’s visa should not have been cancelled due to bogus documents, misleading or false information.
  • In the last 10 years, applicant should not have their visa refused for failing to satisfy the minister of their identity.
  • Applicant must hold a valid passport.
  • Applicant should not have been deported due to character concerns.
  • If the applicant is removed from Australia as an unlawful non-citizen, 12 months must have passed unless their compelling and compassionate circumstances affecting Australia’s or their citizens/permanent citizens interests. This includes New Zealand citizens.
  • If you hold a Foreign Affairs Student Visa, there could be further restrictions.
  • Within the period of 6 months immediately before the date of the application the applicant must have satisfied the Australian Study Requirement and must have completed the study AQF Level 7 or higher. In other words, the following studies will be eligible for post study stream.

(a)                Bachelor’s degree.

(b)                Bachelor (Honours) Degree.

(c)                Masters by Coursework Degree.

(d)               Masters by Research Degree.

(e)                Masters (Extended) Degree and/or.

(f)                 Doctoral Degree.

Australian Study Requirement can be satisfied when an applicant has completed 1 or more CRICOS approved degrees, Diplomas or Trade qualifications from an Australian Institute holding a CRICOS. These completed courses must be a result of minimum 2 years of academic study completed in a minimum period of 16 months while holding an appropriate visa which allowed study in Australia.

485 Subclass Temporary Graduate Visa Conditions

  • Visa Condition 8501 must be imposed: The holder must maintain adequate health insurance while the applicant is in Australia.
  • If an applicant is outside Australia when the visa is granted, the first entry must be made before the date specified by the minister. As a policy the applicant should enter before the 12 months from the date of the visa.

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