Genuine Student Test (GST) requirement for Australian Student Visa           

Are you interested in studying in Australia? It’s an exciting experience, but you must understand some essential things. One is the Genuine Student Test (GST) requirement for Australian student visas.

The genuine student test requirement is a way for the Australian government to ensure everyone applying for a student visa plans to study in Australia. They want to confirm that candidates are serious about their education and aren’t just using the visa to enter the nation for other reasons.

The Genuine Student requirement replaced the previous Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement, which took effect on March 23, 2024. You must complete the Genuine Student requirement if you apply for a student visa on or after this date.

Understanding the Shift from Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE)

The Australian government identified the requirement to ensure that student visa candidates are dedicated to their studies in Australia. The Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) requirement mainly examined whether applicants intended to stay in Australia temporarily. On the other hand, the Genuine Student (GS) requirement highlights whether applicants plan to study in Australia.

This change reflects a more comprehensive knowledge of the reasons behind studying abroad. It recognizes that while some students may initially come to Australia temporarily, their experiences and opportunities may direct them to pursue further study or even residency there.

Scope and Application of the Genuine Student Requirement

How do you confirm that you’re a genuine student? When completing your visa application, you must answer some questions about your circumstances. This includes why you want to study in Australia, how the course will help you, and other relevant information.

Answering these queries honestly and providing proof to support your declarations is essential. 

What evidence and information to include

Applicant needs to furnish evidence or details regarding:

Previous Academic Background:

  • Academic transcripts showing qualifications achieved.
  • Name(s) of educational institutions attended.
  • Duration of previous studies.
  • Certificates attained.

Past Educational Experience in Australia:

  • Detailed records of academics within Australia.
  • Explanation for any modifications in courses or educational institutions.
  • Study gaps exceeding two months during an academic year.
  • Any additional information relevant to the applicant’s academic history in Australia.

Current Employment details:

  • Details of the existing employer and workplace address.
  • Employment period.
  • Position held within the organization.
  • Contact information of a dedicated individual who can verify the declared employment cases.

Personal Circumstances in Home Country or Country of Residence:

  • Description of personal contacts such as family, community, and employment in the candidate’s home country.
  • There are explanations for pursuing studies outside their home country if similar programs are available.

Financial Situation in Home Country or Country of Residence:

  • Documentation showcasing employment or business activities for 12 months before your application.
  • Possible job offers, including salary and associated perks upon course completion.
  • Submission of income tax returns or bank statements.

Considerations for Political and Civil Unrest:

Please declare reasons and supporting proof if political, civil unrest, or military service responsibilities in the student’s home country significantly affect their decision to leave.

Evaluation Process: How Genuine Student Criteria Are Assessed

The management evaluates different aspects to define your genuine student status:

  • Personal circumstances: They examine your case, including your background, preferences, and motivations for studying in Australia.
  • Immigration History: Your previous visa applications, travel history, and adherence to visa requirements are assessed.
  • Compliance with Visa Conditions: They inspect if you’ve followed the rules of any previous visas you’ve retained.
  • Intentions in Home Country: They consider your links to your home country, such as family, employment, and community relations.
  • Potential Situations in Australia: They inspect aspects like your level of understanding about your chosen degree, previous study, living arrangements, and monetary resilience in Australia.

Value of the Course to Your Future: They assess if your chosen course matches your educational background and future employment objectives in Australia and your home country.

  • Considerations for Minors: If you’re under 18, the procedure also considers the preferences of your parents, legal guardians, or spouse.

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