List of Documents for Student Visa in Australia

All about List of Documents for Australian Visa Application

What is a Student Visa?

As the name suggests a student visa is a visa which allows an international student in Australia to study and work with restrictions depending on the course the student visa holder is studying. Student visa is also known as a subclass 500 visa.

The course which a student visa holder studies needs to be a CRICOS registered full time course. 

A visa holder in Australia can apply for 2 or more cases where one course clearly leads to another. 

Example: Certificate III in Commercial cookery leads to certificate IV in Commercial cookery and then leads to Diploma in Hospitality Management. These are sometimes also called packaged courses.

What are required documents for student visa?

Student Visa Checklist

  • An applicant of a student visa needs to provide a copy of their passport.
  • Applicant needs to also provide a copy of their National Identity Card. In case they don’t have any identification form, they need to provide a reason of why they don’t have a national identity card in their student visa application.
  • Visa applicants also need to provide other identity documents such as birth certificate.
  • An applicant for a student visa needs to provide evidence of divorce in case they are divorced.
  • It is very common for visa applicants to have different names on different documents such as name change after marriage or different names on documents since childhood. In this case proof of change name will be required. This is normally notary attested declarations that the person with different names is the same person.
  • If an applicant for a student visa is married, they also need to provide a marriage certificate.
  • If a applicant has separated from their partner, they need to provide evidence of separation.
  • An applicant needs to provide a passport size photo as per requirements specified by Department of Home Affairs. This needs to be uploaded with their student visa application.
  • As part of student visa condition, a student visa applicant is required to provide evidence of OSHC (Overseas Student Health cover) at the time of visa application.
  • A visa applicant needs to provide overseas police certificate commonly known as overseas police clearance for each country including home country where the applicant has spent a cumulative total of 12 months or more in last 10 years since turning 16 years of age.
  • An applicant must also provide any military records or discharge papers if they have served in armed forces.
  • An applicant who has served in overseas police force is required to provide NOC from their police department.
  • Medical examination of all student visa applicants is required s per subclass 500 criteria.
  • An applicant of a subclass 500 student visa needs to provide all their overseas academic certificates.
  • Employment letters may also be required to be submitted with the student visa application in case the 500 Visa applicant is working.
  • Unless the applicant is a holder of valid passport of the following countries, they need to provide evidence of minimum English requirements to fulfill the English level requirements of the student visa.
  • A student visa applicant needs to provide a detailed GTE showing to the immigration department that are a genuine temporary entrant and will return to home country once they complete their studies.
  • A Visa holder needs to provide financial evidence on how they are going to support their study and living costs for a year.

How do I show evidence of financial evidence for Student Visa Australia?

The applicant of the student visa or their sponsor (Near relatives like spouse, Mother, Father, siblings, grandparents, first uncle and Aunts etc) need to provide financial evidence in support of the applicant’s student visa application.

There are 2 ways by which a student visa applicant in Australia can provide financial evidence.

*Evidence in the form of bank statements, fixed deposits and student loans on personal names (Company bank statements are not acceptable) showing evidence of total of the following.

1st Year Tuition Fees + $21, 041 (Living Cost for 1 year) +Health Insurance + Travel Costs

For a spouse or partner, evidence of additional funds of $7,362 are required for a student visa.

For each dependent such as child, evidence of additional funds of $3152 are required for a subclass 500 student visa.

For a school aged child, evidence of additional funds of $8296 are required for visa subclass 500.


*Financial evidence for a student visa application can also be in form of annual income of $72,592 Australian dollars. (This evidence of income can be provided by subclass 500’s primary applicant’s spouse, partner, parent, or Parent in laws.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What is the adequate health insurance for a student visa?

A student visa holder must provide OSHC and must hold it all times during student visa. To know more on what adequate health insurance is click on the link within the text.

Can International Students work full time in Australia on a student visa?

A holder of student visa subclass 500 can work unrestricted number of hours until 30th June, 2023. From 1st July 2023 international students on a student visa will be able to work for 48 hours a fortnight. To see how these 48 hours for a fortnight are calculated, check out our article on student visa work rights.

How can international students find accommodation and jobs?

There are many websites through which international students can find information on accommodation and jobs in Australia.

What are the most popular trade courses for international students?

Find the most popular trade courses by contacting Oracle Immigration Consultants.

How can I find the cheapest trade courses for international students?

Find the most cheapest trade courses by contacting Oracle Immigration Consultants.

Why should I use a Registered migration agent and an education consultant for student visa?

Read the advantages of using a registered migration agent for student visa.

How can an international student get a university scholarship?

Contact us at Oracle Immigration Consultants if you are looking for a university scholarship for a student visa. 

What are the student visa subclass conditions?

An international student who is granted a student visa has conditions imposed on his or her visa. To check the student visa conditions read the article by clicking the link within the text.

How can I make a student visa GTE statement?

To see in detail how you can make a detailed GTE statement for your student visa Australia, read the article by clicking on the link within the text.

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